School Bundles

Save money on energy

Once installed, our systems will save you money on diesel, firewood/charcoal, lpg and electricity bills. Using kitchen food remains and cow manure, you can produce your own cooking gas. Solar pv system will enable the school to generate its electricity for the classrooms, dorms, computer labs, offices, security lights as well as pumping of clean water whenever needed.

Healthier staff and students

Zero smoke in kitchen schools. No more soot on the walls of your kitchen, no smoke inhaling. Use the system produced fertilizer to grow better crops to feed staff and students. 

Educate for sustainability

Staff and students will be trained on sustainability, innovation, sustainable farm management and 21st century skills using the project-based learning approach and education for sustainable development. This will thus create practical learning and exposure to new techniques, approaches to learning as well as emerging clean tech.

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Professional Installation

Our trained team will arrive on location to install your product in the best format.


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Biogas System

Specially designed equipment for Institutional kitchens. 

Recycles organic waste, creates renewable energy and saves money.

The system generates clean energy without any electricity. 

  • Environmental friendly charcoal-less solution
  • Waste management – Great solution for waste disposal
  • Money saver – No usage of diesel or wood – no smoke, sute or black tar. 
  • produces fertilizer to grow healthier food
  • Improvs health of staff and students

Solar Energy

Save money on energy. Have electricity through out the day (with an option for storage for night use). 

Solar Water Pump

Reduce expenses on pumping water. Pump water to be available whenever you need it by using solar power.  

Science Curriculum

Along with our technological bundle, we offer schools an educational program, that utilizes the installed system in a rich science curriculum. 

An educational program that integrates sustainable off-grid technologies with experiential learning in order for students and teachers to gain knowledge and take action in developing new solutions to their infrastructure and developmental challenges.

Bundles are 100% customizable to your needs