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Biogas System

Convert waste to cooking gas and fertilizer, reduces lung diseases

Water Purifier

Sanitize any water source to clean healthy water

Milking Machine

Reduces infections, increases milk productivity and Improves the quality of milk

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Biogas System

A simple to install and use biogas system that recycles organic waste, creates renewable energy and saves money.

Transform your waste and transform your life today.

The system generates clean energy without any electricity and allows you to properly treat your household waste, producing up to 6 hours of cooking gas every day.

  • Environmental friendly charcoal-less solution
  • Waste management – Great solution for waste disposal
  • Money saver – No usage of diesel or LPG
  • Use your garbage for a cleaner environment
  • Access to better and healthier food
  • Improving your health as you are less exposed to charcoal

Water Purifier

The Nufiltration is a compact water treatment systems that brings a new revolutionary way to filter and sanitize water in a “plug-and-play” modular mode.

The technology is based on a worldwide patent in water treatment. Ultra-filtration filters at 3.3nm nominal filtration rate. Any water source or lake water (*except saltwater and chemicals such as near mines) can be treated to purify most pathogens, parasites, bacteria, suspended solids, most of the organic matters and most viruses.

Nufiltration uses an excellent and almost unbeatable membrane surface which was originally designed, manufactured and tested according to the strictest medical standards.

Nufiltration Autonomous units are activated by hand-pumps (up to 0.5 m3/hr capacity) – no electricity needed.

Milking Machine

  • No need to hand milk, keeps udder clean – reduces infections.
  • Reduced infections = more productivity
  • Reduced infections = less health cost on cattle.
  • Increases milk productivity when used over time.
  • Improves the quality of milk from the farm to the collection center

Solar Systems

Powers lamps, computers, fans, TVs and other small electronic appliances and devices like elect mosquito repellent. 

Pump water.

Keilot offers fully customizable solar solutions for your farm.