We are Keilot

Impact Solutions for Developing Countries

Our Mission

Millions of people worldwide are living in regions lacking national grids of water, electricity and sewage. This is referred to as living ‘Off-Grid’. Living off-grid has a direct impact on the community’s health and a great impact on the environment.

Keilot is an impact company providing clean, off-grid, technologies to the African continent starting with the Kenyan market. Keilot is working in accordance with the UN’s SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) focusing on three areas of life: food, water and energy.

Our Departments

Fields of Work

School & Education

Transforming schools with innovative technologies, saving funds, improving nutrition, study energy and water supply.


Systems for small and medium farms to generate greater income, save on overheads and improve health. 

PV Solar

Installing small and medium PV systems, generating electricity of pumping clean study supply of water.